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Tyme 1.1.3 & iCloud – solving sync issues

February 24th, 2014 | Posted by lars in Tyme

Hello Tyme users,
if you upgraded to Tyme 1.1.3 and some of your data disappeared, no data is lost, but not accessible until each of your Mac’s that use iCloud sync has 1.1.3 installed.

What’s happening is, that the database of Tyme 1.1.3 has been upgraded to use some new features that we’re requested by a lot of users. Therefor the database needs to be migrated, which is done automatically by iCloud. So each Mac converts the data that was created on it. So for example, if you have Tyme installed on two Macs with iCloud sync and created a project on each of them, the “other” project will “disappear” if you upgrade your first Mac. When you upgrade the second, everything will be back after a short while, when iCloud syncs back.

As far as we know now, this is the expected behavior when upgrading an iCloud database. If you’re a developer, this article might be of interest.

Of course this is definitively NOT an expected behavior for your (our fellow Tyme users) and we’re really sorry that this happened. Instead of temporarily “loosing” data until all Macs are up to date, you would expect that this doesn’t happen and you don’t get an heart attack after upgrading Tyme.

If you’re using just one Mac with iCloud sync or you are a new Tyme user you should not have any issues.

For the users, that are afraid to loose their data when upgrading Tyme to 1.1.3, you can back it up before you upgrade or if you have already upgraded and one Mac has still the old version installed.

– Start Tyme, open settings
– Turn off iCloud, close settings
– Click “Yes”, when asked for “Keep a copy of iCloud data”

Now your data is stored in three files on your local hard drive in:

/Users/[YOUR_USERNAME]/Library/Containers/de.nulldesign.tyme.osx/Data/Library/Application Support/Tyme.storedata
/Users/[YOUR_USERNAME]/Library/Containers/de.nulldesign.tyme.osx/Data/Library/Application Support/Tyme.storedata-shm
/Users/[YOUR_USERNAME]/Library/Containers/de.nulldesign.tyme.osx/Data/Library/Application Support/Tyme.storedata-wal

Which you can back up and copy to a secure place. If some things go wrong, you can always copy them back (with iCloud turned off in Tyme).

With the next update we will streamline this process and integrate a proper backup solution, so that things like this never happen again. So sorry again for this stress, that version 1.1.3 is causing to some of you. If you need any help, please contact us!



Update: If syncing stopped working

After upgrading to 1.1.3 it can happen in rare cases, that the syncing between your Mac’s stopped working. Maybe one of your computers has a slightly older version of your projects or it’s just missing a few time entries, after you upgraded all Mac’s to 1.1.3. Event if you add new entries on one of the computers, they won’t sync back to the other.

If you experience these issues you can do the following:

– Start Tyme, open settings
– Turn off iCloud, close settings
– Click “Yes”, when asked for “Keep a copy of iCloud data”
– Verify that this dataset is the one you want to have
– Close Tyme (If you want, make a backup of your files as described above)
– Open the iCloud settings in system prefences
– Click on manage, Tyme, Documents & Data
– Click on delete all data
– Close the panel

– Now you have deleted all iCloud data and Tyme is ready to seed the Cloud with data again
– Start Tyme, turn on iCloud, transfer data: Yes

Done. Now your data is freshly synced with iCloud. If you open Tyme on your other Mac’s they will sync again, maybe iCloud need a few minutes to do so, but the sync issues are gone. Apples iCloud is a lot better meanwhile, but as we experience now: Not perfect and has still issues. I can only say sorry again and file another bug report to Apple :(

Update 2: App Crashes after Upgrading 10.9.2

A few users where reporting crashes after upgrading Tyme to 1.1.3 and upgrading OSX to 10.9.2. Just be patient, iCloud seems to have a few hiccups. It will work after a while. The crash is an iCloud bug…

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3 Responses

  • Lucas says:

    Thanks so much! I bought Tyme yesterday and have been using it for two days. I like the design and simplicity. It’s quick to start the timer and turn it off. Even good overview of the project you are working on. I was a little disappointed in the export function. Could you do better looking export (PDF). Otherwise I am satisfied! Continue the good work!

  • markus says:

    i agree with lucas – great app. i am using it on a number of projects meanwhile and it works very well and smooth. great work! i do agree with lucas as well on the pdf export, although it does the job nicely…
    what i miss a little bit is in the overview section of time spent on all projects. its only in project-colors, it would be great to have an option to show the actual jobname or job number as well. nevertheless – thanks a lot for the great work!

  • Jorge Ossa says:

    I agree with Lucas and Markus, i only miss the option to create custom colors for the projects. Good job and i hope seeing this soon.

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