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Tyme – Timetracking app released

September 10th, 2013 | Posted by lars in Portfolio | Talk | Tyme

Besides my day job, I worked on a remake of my old time tracking app SimpleTimer 2. SimpleTimer was done in Adobe AIR back in the days and is quite outdated meanwhile, so it was time for a fresh restart. The new app is a native Mac OS app, comes with a new name: “Tyme” and is available on the App Store. The design of Tyme and the beautiful logo was made by Margit Schroeder (hello gitti). Thank you for all the nice colors :)


It has a lot of new cool features:

  • Starts automatically with system startup
  • Accessible from the menubar
  • Quick start & stop for tasks in the menubar
  • Turn back the time, if you started the timer too late
  • Displays the running time and the daily total in the menubar
  • Simple project and task management with deadlines and planned budgets
  • Option to round time entries automatically
  • Works offline, no internet connection required
  • Daily, weekly, and monthly statistics about your workload and budget
  • Exports time entries as CSV or HTML documents
  • Supports the Macbook Pro Retina Display

And more are planned. iCloud integration is possibly the next feature. If you’re missing a feature that you’d like to be integrated, don’t hesitate to drop me an email.

So long…

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2 Responses

  • emanuel says:

    hey lars,
    after looking for timetracking apps for quite a while now, i ended up buying tyme and really like it so far. simple but effective design and fast to use.
    one thing that would be really nice though, is the possibility to add times on more then one workstation. i’ve got one workstation in my office and 2 laptops, so what i have to do now, is to add the times together, which is a bit of a pain.
    would be perfect to have an online user where you can add times on more then just one device.

    cheers and thanks for the good work so far

  • Tim says:

    This looks really good. If you could include output to excel I’d buy it in a heartbeat even if the price went up to include this functionality.

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