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February 7th, 2012 | Posted by lars in Molehill / Stage3D | ND2D | Talk

You might have seen it already: Mike built some cool force field experiments with ND2D a while ago. Now he opened a github project called Napoleon. Napoleon is a 2D physics extension for ND2D using Nape, which looks very promising:

Second I found a really nice looking game built with ND2D from Björn: “28 Bratwursts Later“. I really like the title ;). It’s still in development, but it look like good fun. Check out the video here:

Another tutorial game made by Roger is Frogger: ND2D. He explains how to built a game like this with ND2D with a lot of code examples. A good place to start, if you are building your first game:

This one is already a few months old: Infinivaders. A stunning 8-bit retro space shooter.

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5 Responses

  • niraj says:

    hey Brother
    you rock on mobile too
    on Iphone and android :)

  • yefeng says:

    awesome !! hey I have some Problem wiith my new Project about opengl Es
    I use the ND2d batch technology ! shader lick this vc[va.z]
    I try to transplant batch technology to openglEs for android but I faiilt I can’t give openglEs matrix a id
    opengl Es shader isn’t surport Array ! I don’t know how to build matrix [id] just like Nd2d I need you help !

  • Renan Muniz says:

    Where are you guys?
    last post at: February 7th, 2012


  • lars says:

    I’m here :) Just a bit too busy, to write new posts. Check out the forum for the latest ND2D updates.

  • yang says:

    Hi I don‘t know why the stageHeight always +20 in napoleon
    for example
    I set the size at the main class
    it will increase to 800,500, I don’t know why, is there anyone use Napoleon?

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