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ND2D Molehill 2D Engine

March 10th, 2011 | Posted by lars in 3D | Molehill / Stage3D | ND2D | Talk

I just came back from the FITC Amsterdam and because at the whole conference, Molehill was all over the place, I felt like I have to post the progress of my Molehill accelerated 2D engine. Here is another test with 1600 animated sprites using spritesheets. It runs with 40fps on my machine in Safari, Firefox is a lot slower and it feels a bit jerky. Maybe it’s an issue of the incubator build, maybe an issue in my engine… I’ll find out.

(Note: The demo is broken with the latest Flashplayer 11 Release due to API changes)

Check out the demos showing all effects and features on Github.

I’ll push the engine open source in an alpha version next week (I hope…). These are the features that are already implemented:

- Flash-displaylist-like hierarchy for 2D elements (It will feel very familar)
- 2D sprites with spritesheets for animation, tinting, blendmodes, pivot points
- Scenes & scene management
- 2D camera
- SpriteClouds for fast sprite rendering (batch drawing)
- Configurable particlesystem that runs entirely on the GPU
- Full mouseevent support for sprites
- Utils (Color mixing, random number generation, …)
- Extendible rendering pipeline to build your own effects and extensions using PixelBender 3D.

Planned features are:
- Pixel precise mouse events. At the moment it’s only a bounding box check.
- Faster batching of SpriteClouds.
- More particlesystem options
- ATF texture support
- Distortion effects
- Box2D integration
- …

And if anyone likes to contribute, just drop me an email…

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